Greenery in Urban Areas can Protect Against Various Diseases

Greenery in Urban Areas can Protect Against Various Diseases

This was revealed in a new medical study.

Research by the Colorado State University of America and Spain's Barcelona Institute for Global Health in collaboration with the World Health Organization says greenery in urban areas can protect against various diseases by reducing air pollution.

During this research, 9 research reports from more than 8 million people in 7 countries were analyzed.

In recent years, medical science has reported that greenery in cities has a positive impact on health as mental health improves and the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease, heart attack or stroke. However, these research reports were not reviewed in greater depth.

Researchers from a study of 9 research reports found that there is a correlation between increasing Greenery and lowering the risk of premature death around homes and that the increase in 0.1% Greenery reduces the probability of early death by 4%.

According to research, pollution from lush places reduces PM2.5.

Researchers say that pollution, noise reduction, and temperature control are other protective effects of Greenery.

He said that this is the largest and most systematic study on green space and premature death, and the results prove that policies need to be supported to increase green space so that the public Improves health.

He added that the results provide important information that can be used for future health impact assessment research reports.


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