Great news, the launch of the 'Internet for All' campaign in Pakistan

Great news, the launch of the 'Internet for All' campaign in Pakistan

Great news, the launch of the 'Internet for All' campaign in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Private cellular company launches "Internet for All" campaign in Pakistan in this connection, Prime Minister Imran Khan called on the CEO of Cellular Company V on and Jazz.

According to News, Prime Minister Imran Khan today met with Sergey Herero, Chief Operating Officer of Private Cellular Company V on and Jazz, which also included Chairman of the Board of Investment and Head of Digital Pakistan Tania aidrus, Prime Minister of Pakistan Appreciated the long-standing commitment of the cellular company.

COO Jazz, talking to Prime Minister Imran Khan, said that he has launched an "Internet for All" campaign in Pakistan, which have been provided cheap tariffs for the use of social media, jazz cash and Citizens portals. 

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that there are numerous opportunities for investment in communication and energy in Pakistan. The government is also committed to facilitating business with a free investment policy, International organizations have recognized government initiatives for ease of doing business, we have also launched Digital Pakistan project to make young people a part of economic development.

The Prime Minister said that under the digital policy, the volume of Pakistan's IT industry will reach up to $ 20 billion dollars, providing a modern digital platform to the young IT specialists. The Prime Minister also appreciated the key role of the telecom sector in the country's economic development.

Company CEO Sergey Herero thanked the Prime Minister for providing an equitable and transparent environment for telecom companies and said that Jazz Pakistan has launched a campaign internet for all, cheap tariffs have been provided for the use of social media, Jazz Cash and Citizens Portal. Providing services will help citizens continue small and medium-sized economic activities.

Sergey Herero also praised the government's measures to curb the spread of fake news, saying that fake news that creates uncertainty and fears is harmful to investment. He said the company is investing $ 9 billion in Pakistan and has provided services to 60 million customers so far.


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