Government plans to resume regular flights

Government plans to resume regular flights

RAWALPINDI: The government has been considering restarting flights from April 4 and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has also issued the Airline Operational Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for April 4 to 11.

Aviation spokesman Abdul Sattar Khokhar said the issue of restoration of flights was under consideration but "no final decision has been made so far".

However, he confirmed that the CAA issued guidelines to ensure the safety of passengers and staff, so as to minimize the risk associated with Coved 19 and recommend some precautionary measures when deciding to resume regular flights.

Remember that the government suspended all international passenger flights as well as charter and private flights until March 21.

Under the SOP, the ship will be sterilized at each station prior to boarding of passengers under the CAA rules.

In this regard, the Declaration Form regarding the health of the passengers will be given to all commuters coming to Pakistan through the CAA website, social media, and airline website.


It is the responsibility of the operators to complete the passenger health declaration forms, for which the forms are to be distributed and repeated instructions are repeated.

This form must be filled out and signed by all passengers before being boarded and filled in by their guardians in the case of children or people with disabilities.

And the most important passengers will be scanned with body temperature measuring equipment for the COVID 19 before boarding.

Apart from this, boarding passes will be issued from a set distance, but when taken on stairs in this manner, the seats will also be filled as per the usual procedure.

Passenger boarding rows or zones will be calculated so that the recommended distance is maintained, travelers traveling to Pakistan will have to follow these instructions.

Along with this, all passengers will be wearing surgical masks during flights and the passenger to whom the seat will be seated will not be changed.

In addition, all passengers will be obliged to sit in their seats and will not be allowed to move or congregate on the plane while traveling.


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