Government is providing all possible help to Pakistanis in China : Ayesha Farooqi

Government is providing all possible help to Pakistanis in China : Ayesha Farooqi

Foreign Office spokeswoman Ayesha Farooqi says the government is providing all possible help to Pakistanis in China.

While giving a weekly briefing at the Foreign Office, Ayesha Farooqi said Pakistan was ready for all possible cooperation with China in the face of a challenge such as the Coronavirus, standing with them in this difficult time, to control the virus. Chinese actions are laudable.

"The government has set up a high-level committee to prevent the virus, while the National Institute of Health (NIH) has declared an emergency and an emergency centre has also been set up," he said.

"Until now, no country has formally expelled people from China, different countries are talking to China," he said.

The Foreign Office spokesperson said that the Chinese Embassy is in touch with the students present there. All steps will be taken for the welfare of Pakistani students.

"We have received information that due to the flight delay there were difficulties for Pakistanis which the government has requested from China to take care of them," he said.

He said the students were contacted by the embassy as soon as the outbreak came to the fore. Whatever solution is best for the welfare of the people will be taken.

"Students who are not registered with the Embassy have been instructed to register immediately and are in contact with China to address them as far as food and other issues are concerned," he said.

Ayesha Farooqi said that due to the Coronavirus, the border with China will be closed normally until April.

The Coronavirus from the Chinese city of Wuhan is spreading rapidly throughout China as well as worldwide, and so far, the virus has killed 170 people in China.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister's Assistant Special Health Minister Dr Zafar Mirza confirmed during a press conference that four Pakistani students in Wuhan, China, were infected with the Coronavirus.

He said that there are 28 to 30,000 Pakistanis living in China, with a large number of students who are studying in different provinces while there are around 500 Pakistani students in Wuhan, the centre of the virus.

During the press conference, he assured the Prime Minister of Pakistan's family and all Pakistani citizens that it is the responsibility of the government of Pakistan to protect and treat them, who will be treated like their own children. ۔

It may be recalled that a few days ago a Pakistani student in the Chinese city of Wuhan issued urgent help to Pakistani authorities, expressing fear of the virus and fear of food shortage.

"We are all in a panic because of the Coronavirus, on the one hand, it is fear and on the other hand we are facing food shortages, so our officials are urging all Pakistanis to be in Wuhan," he said. Students should be removed from here anyway. '

He said that the French and American embassies are helping their citizens in China to evacuate their citizens from Wuhan and we need similar help so that you can get us out of here to a safe place.



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