Government decides to resume construction industry activities

Government decides to resume construction industry activities

Posted on Apr 2, 2020

The government has decided to revive the construction industry and a major package will be announced tomorrow.

This was announced by Prime Minister Imran Khan at a pivotal event in Islamabad for distributing tax refunds to business persons.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that it is easier to get help from a regular registered worker and reach out to him but people who are earning daily wages and have no registrations are trying to reach them through the Emotion Program.

The Prime Minister said that these individuals should be funded out of Rs 12 billion announced through SMS campaign as these families are the most difficult at present.

He said that businesses have to support that without a business community, the country cannot move forward and the government has decided from the outset that the industry is to be promoted in the country. The only environment I was developing was to provide environment.

The Prime Minister further said that filing tax refunds is part of a project that was not paid in advance because of which our industry could not invest again and could not move forward.

He said the government is trying to provide refunds to the businesses so that they have liquidity and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has been directed to contact all Chambers of Commerce and consider how to get it. To get out of this difficult time.

The Prime Minister said that this problem is not only our problem but the whole world, but the richest country America is also suffering from the problem of which the economy is suffering but we also face the problem of hunger.

He said the business community needs to work with all stakeholders and chambers of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry on a daily basis to assess how to get through this difficult time.

The Prime Minister further said that we have a daily meeting to review the domestic and economic situation of the entire leadership of the Corona virus.

He said that we have to see on one hand that the virus does not spread, with regard to the number of people in other countries of Allah specially karma is far less than that in Pakistan and will control it with their own resources.

He further said that our best effort is not to have a gathering of people in Lockdown and that they have closed places like weddings, schools, sports and have extended it for two weeks and the people themselves have to attend such places. Going on is said to be avoided where the gathering.

He said that at the same time, we have to balance which industry should be continued, which is constantly being considered which industry will continue to work and the fear of spreading the virus will continue. This is not the government's biggest challenge at the moment.

He said the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has compiled a list of industries that can run which have the least risk of spreading the virus.

He said that tomorrow I will announce a major package for the construction industry. The government has decided to give concessions to the construction industry and help to run it.

The Prime Minister said that we have been working on this package for a long time, which will be announced tomorrow as we believe that the construction of roads will not fear the spread of Corona as there will be no gathering of people from the construction industry. Other associated industries will also begin to operate.

The Prime Minister further said that these industries will be made aware of the terms and conditions for which SOPs can be operated with consideration, but we have decided to open up the construction industry as it is not. Be sure to save people from starving and not starve.

He added that there is a large section of people in Pakistan and other countries who are unemployed as a result of this situation and our resources are not enough so that it is decided that the construction industry will be opened and tomorrow. A major package will be announced in this regard.

It is to be noted that at a meeting of the Federal Cabinet yesterday, it was decided that the sanctions imposed by the Corona virus would continue for another two weeks.

Informing the cabinet's decisions, Minister for Planning Asad Omar had said that the speed with which the cases have increased and casualties in Pakistan has increased and sanctions have been impacted and curtailed.

He said, "If we did not apply this restriction, the number of cases could have been much higher, since this closure has brought about improvement. So no need for further closure, but at the same level where there is closure."

Minister of Planning had said, "We are facing difficulties to reduce this, to take care of people's income is also lost and there is a sector where people can get jobs and there are things that people can collect more. Even the Prime Minister is reviewing it.


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