Good news for Saudi citizens has a foreign spouse

Good news for Saudi citizens has a foreign spouse

Good news for Saudi citizens has a foreign spouse

Riyadh: The Saudi government has decided that government aid to Saudi citizens, namely, the alimony allowance, will be given to the foreign spouse of local citizens.

The Saudi website says the Saudi Citizens' alimony Allowance (Citizen Account Program) can also benefit a local citizen's foreign spouse and mother.

A Saudi department official said that if the mother or wife of a Saudi citizen who is primarily registered in the program is a foreigner, they may also indirectly benefit from the plan, but the Saudi citizen's foreign spouse or mother is cannot directly register in the alimony Allowance.

It is to be noted that in Saudi Arabia three years ago, a program for Saudi nationals entitled 'Dearness Allowance' was introduced in Arabic called 'Hisab Al-Muwatin'.

To be a Saudi citizen required to register in the alimony or Dearness Allowance, foreigners cannot benefit from this program.

The main purpose of the Living Allowance is to provide financial support to low-income Saudi families whose resources are limited and they are facing financial difficulties due to rising inflation.

Many citizens in Saudi Arabia have been married to foreign women with whom they have children, such citizens said that our spouses and children should also be registered in living Allowance so that they too can be helped.


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