Global companies are investing by the Prime Minister's efforts

Global companies are investing by the Prime Minister's efforts

Posted on Feb 7, 2020

"Global companies are investing by the Prime Minister's efforts"
KARACHI: Federal Minister for Energy, Omar Ayyub says that Sindh government is not cooperating with the federal government in providing gas supply, corruption of PPP including rental power will continue to be exposed.

Talking at ARY News' program Eleventh Hour, Omar Ayyub said that the global companies are investing because of the Prime Minister's efforts, there will be no load shedding this time as last Ramadan. 

He said that the fight against mafia and corruption will continue. The prime minister's goal is to provide basic facilities to the people, and PTI is taking steps for the poor class including strengthening the country's economy.

It should be noted that on January 13, Minister of Energy, Omar Ayyub Khan, while addressing the National Assembly, said that load shedding would be where the power would be stolen. There is no load shedding on 8 thousands 885 hundred feeders of the country. 

He also said that load shedding has been eliminated in the country, Kunda system is being eliminated, there was 14,14 hours’ load shedding in sehwan Now it has been cleared. 7000 persons arrested who involved in stolen electricity.



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