Ghost Course for Doctors at Indian University

Ghost Course for Doctors at Indian University

Posted on Dec 27, 2019

'Ghost Course' for Doctors at Indian University. Banaras: A renowned Indian university has launched a ghost course for doctors that will be taught from January next year.

Benares Hindu University has launched a six-month certificate course called Bhoot Vidya (Ghost Study) and aims to help doctors treat patients who complain of an outbreak or ghost rash.

According to Banaras University, the purpose of this course is also to identify diseases that are linked to ghosts, shadows, etc. Although this course looks good in which specialists will be trained to assist such patients, the course will be taught only by the traditional treatment of Hinduism, i.e. Ayurvedic experts, after which people have expressed humour. A separate department has also been set up for this.

Yemeni Bhushan, an expert at Benares University, said that some psychosomatic conditions are associated with depression, elevated blood pressure and cardiac fluctuations and that there is apparently no medical cause.

He said that this is the first university where a course of this kind is being taught. In this course, he said, 'doctors will be made aware of ghost-related diseases.'
When asked about Ayurvedic treatment of the woman, she told that she was treated with pulmonary medications, dietary changes, massage, breathing exercises and physical exercise. According to a survey, 14% of India's population suffers from some kind of mental disorder or disease. World Health Organization has identified 20% of India's population as depressed.

On the other hand, this course is being made fun of by Banaras University on social media and Twitter. According to the majority, it is important for these people to be treated on a scientific basis and not castrated.


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