Getz Pharma turned the factory into a testing facility for employees

Getz Pharma turned the factory into a testing facility for employees

Posted on Apr 23, 2020

KARACHI: Getz Pharma has announced that its factory and head office will remain closed as both will be converted into screening and testing facilities for its employees.

The company said in a press release that 56 employees, including senior managers and directors, have been trained to use FDA-approved testing kits.

It is expected that the first wave of 100% testing will be completed in five days from today and all 1,300 employees of Getz Pharma's head office and factory premises will have been tested.

He said that there will be an ongoing activity based on the standard work method developed by the testing medical team.

He said that those who tested negative would be allowed to enter the facility and work in WHO and PIC / S approved factories and head offices other will be sent home on leave with pay.

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Getz Pharma will track and test those in contact with virus cases, and these employees will be re-tested after 30 days and will return to work only after they have recovered.

In the second phase, the families of all the staff will be tested.

Khalid Mahmood, managing director and CEO of the company, said: "Getz Pharma follows the example of South Korea. South Korea has increased its testing capacity and now there are fewer cases in the world.

"I am convinced that if this is followed as a model, the pressure on our government for testing will be lessened and our employees will be able to protect their families and society," he said.


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