Four Members of the Qatari Royal Family, Were Arrested

Four Members of the Qatari Royal Family, Were Arrested

QUETTA: Seven Qatari residents, including four members of the Qatari royal family, were arrested while entering Noshki for hunting for a sword without foreign permission.

Official sources told that Qatari citizens were traveling towards Noshki on Monday evening, where they were stopped and detained by the Levies personnel at the Gulngor checkpoint in Quetta Noshki highway.

Noshki Deputy Commissioner Abdul Razzaq Sasuli confirmed the detention of Qatari citizens, who said they were dressed in local clothing to threaten security forces but were stopped by Levis personnel at the checkpoint.

The deputy commissioner said that "Qataris, along with four members of the Qatar's ruling family, were entering the area to hunt the sword without a foreign-issued hunting license."

They added that the detainees handed over the detained persons to the Wildlife Department, who filed a case against the foreigners.

The four men belonging to the Qatari royal family were identified by the name of Sheikh Mohammed bin Mansour Jasim, Sheikh Khalid bin Ali, Sheikh Abdullah bin Jasim, and Sheikh Ahmed bin Khalid.

The initial investigation revealed that Qatari citizens had arrived in Quetta on December 2, who had a 3-month visa.

Upon their arrival, the Wildlife Department had told them that they could not enter Chagai District without a Foreign Office hunting license.


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