Former Actress Noor Bukhari Started Reciting Naat

Former Actress Noor Bukhari Started Reciting Naat

Noor Bukhari, a former actress who declared her retirement from show business three years ago in October 2017 and vowed to live according to Islamic teachings, has published the first Naat.

After her divorce from singer Wali Hamid, Noor Bukhari retired from show business and has been seen wearing hijab in photos and videos for quite some time.

Noor Bukhari was chastised for wearing a chic hijab two months earlier in February, but he dismissed the accusation, saying that she would offer an account to God and that people would take care of themselves.

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The former star, who has never shied away from media scrutiny, has now shared a video of her very first Naat. Noor Bukhari said he published her written Naat in her own language for the first time in an Instagram post, which included a screenshot of her Naat.

On March 31, Noor Bukhari posted a Naat on YouTube named 'My Kamli Wale Ki Shaan,' in which he is seen wearing a white hijab and offering Naat with great devotion. Many people praised Noor Bukhari's Naat, and while praising her, they also demanded that she release more Naats.

Noor Bukhari had posted videos on YouTube on the occasion of Shab-e-Barat and also before that, before publishing the first Naat. Noor Bukhari is also known for posting religious content on Instagram, including pictures of herself wearing the hijab.

It can be noted that Noor Bukhari has previously acted not only in TV dramas but also in films, as well as serving as a TV host. Noor Bukhari has previously been chastised for her unhappy engagement. In 2018, she married her ex-husband for the fifth time. In 2018, Noor Bukhari married her ex-husband Aun Chaudhry after divorcing singer Wali Hamid 2017.

In 2015, Noor Bukhari married Wali Hamid for just two years. In 2008, Noor Bukhari married Dubai-based industrialist Vikram, but the couple divorced in 2010. In 2010, Noor married director Farooq Mengal, but their second marriage only lasted four months before ending in divorce.

In 2012, Noor Bukhari married for the third time Aun Chaudhry, but the actress divorced him a few months later, after which she married singer Wali Hamid in 2015. Noor Bukhari divorced Wali Hamid in 2017, and in 2018, she married her ex-husband Aun Chaudhry for the second time, with whom she had a daughter in 2019.


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