Forbes named Pakistan the best country for tourism in the year 2020

Forbes named Pakistan the best country for tourism in the year 2020

KARACHI: An article published by leading business magazine Forbes named Pakistan in the list of the 10 best countries to travel to in 2020.

According to the report, the US journal said that "closed countries are now opening up and agencies are accessing people to these places".

The Forbes list also includes Armenia, Chad, Eritrea, Guatemala, Mongolia and Saudi Arabia.

Citing well-known travel agency Wild Frontiers, the magazine pointed out that people's interest in traveling to Pakistan has increased, especially after the recent visit of the British prince and princess.

"Pakistan is the best place for adventure," Junior Bell Bee, the founder of Wild Frontier, told Forbes.

He said, "There are ancient Sindhi civilizations that are 4,000 years old and beautiful cities like Lahore, which have castles, mosques and other places, while the most important are the views here in the northern areas, 3 large mountain ranges. Collide here '.

"Pakistan is the perfect place for trekking, mountain biking, rafting or just cultural tourism," he said.

Talking about infrastructure, he said, "Infrastructure made in Pakistan has improved a lot, new roads, new tunnels have reduced travel time while new luxury hotels are opening in the region."

Last year, Pakistan also came out with the US journal Condé Nast as a great place to vacation.

In the month of December, Travel Magazine Wonder List also named 9 of Pakistan's best places for adventure in 2020.

These places include Himalayan valleys and clay volcanoes


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