First Time in the History Israeli Muslim woman elected to parliament

First Time in the History Israeli Muslim woman elected to parliament

Posted on Mar 11, 2020

For the first time in Israeli history, an eminent Palestinian-Israeli Muslim woman won the election and made a new history.
55-year-old Iman Khatib Yasin, an Israeli-born Palestinian, won the March 2 general election, which belongs to a coalition of left-wing political parties.
According to the news agency Reuters, Iman Khatib Yasin won by gaining votes from the Arab-majority Israeli territory, he is the first Muslim and well-respected female member of the Israeli parliament 'Knesset'.

The newly elected women are of Palestinian origin - photo: Reuters
Iman Khatib Yasin, a mother of four, has long experience in politics and government and was serving in the local government before contesting the parliamentary elections.

Millions of Arab Palestinian Muslims, including the Iman Khatib Yasin, are Israeli citizens who have been living in Israel since 1948.
Ever since Israel occupied the Palestinian land in 1948, Palestinian-Arab Arabs have settled in the area and have since been granted their citizenship by Israel.
The vast majority of the Israeli population consists of Jews, but there are also millions of Palestinian Arab Muslims who live there, and they generally do not have the rights that minorities should receive in any country.
Addressing the people in his hometown after the MP was elected, Iman Khatib Yasin said, "They have been subjected to criticism because of their ignorance and now they will be given anti-Islamic statements." But it should not happen '.

iman yasin
Iman Khatib Yasin Member of Parliament has also served in local government before being elected - Photo: Reuters

The newly-elected MP said that instead of criticizing the hijab and veil, it should be seen who are the personalities dressed in the hijab and what are their capabilities and services, people should go ahead and think of the hijab.

He also admitted that he had to face tough problems as a result but he never gave up.
Iman Khatib Yasin is one of the 120 elected parliamentarians of the Iman Khatib Yasin and is part of the Arab-Palestinian party and the left-wing coalition.
The alliance of Iman Khatib Yasin has won 15 seats, while the coalition of the left-wing political parties has won up to 60 seats and will probably form another government with them. ۔

imran yasin
Iman Khatib Yasin also spoke on Islamophobia in Israel while addressing his hometown after the victory - Photo: AFP

In Israel, a party with 61 or more seats is eligible to form a government, but more seats are needed to form a government, and in this case, a coalition government is formed.



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