First case of Corona virus in Afghanistan after China, India and Iran

First case of Corona virus in Afghanistan after China, India and Iran

The outbreak of the new Coronavirus, originating from China, is underway and has now reached Afghanistan, where the first case has been confirmed.

The French news agency AFP reported that the Afghan Minister of Health said that the first case of the novel coronavirus had occurred in the country, while the patient had recently visited Iran.

It is to be noted that 12 people have died in Iran from this deadly coronavirus, which is the second-largest country in the world after China, and South Korea is the second most affected countries.

Afghan Health Minister Feroz-ud-Din Feroz said at a press conference that the first positive case of the Coronavirus had surfaced in Herat, as well as demanded citizens refrain from travelling to the western province as it borders Iran. ۔

Earlier, Afghan authorities had announced the suspension of air and ground travel with Iran in view of growing cases of Coronavirus in the region.

Feroz-ud-din Feroz said that the patient had visited the holy city of Qom in Iran.

"Our people should refrain from shaking hands, hugging and kissing," he said.

It should be noted here that corona cases have appeared in China, India, Afghanistan and Iran all over the Asian region, but no case of this deadly virus has been reported in Pakistan till now.

Both Afghanistan and Pakistan have long and insecure borders with Iran, often used by human smugglers while millions of Afghan refugees are living there, raising the risk that the virus can spread across the border easily.

Frustrated and unemployed Afghans have been crossing the border with Iran for years to find work.

However, due to US sanctions, millions of Afghans have returned home in recent years due to Iran's shrinking economy.

What is worth noting here is that the war-torn South Asian country lacks the resources to fight the deadly virus while health authorities are struggling to provide basic facilities in the country.

Meanwhile, neighbouring Pakistan had closed its border temporarily to prevent the virus from spreading to Iran, while schools, universities and other cultural centres have been closed in 14 provinces of Iran.

If you look at the overall numbers so far, about 30 people have been killed and more than 1500 affected outside China in almost two dozen countries.

However, the death toll from the virus in China is 2,592, while the number of people affected by it has exceeded 77,000.


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