Feroz Khan angry on American singer Rihanna

Feroz Khan angry on American singer Rihanna

Posted on Oct 8, 2020

The leading actor in Pakistan showbiz industry Feroze Khan, while expressing his anger over hurting the feelings of Muslims during the exhibition of American singer Rihanna's brand, called Rihanna garbage.

Singer Coco Chloe's song 'Dom' was played during a fashion show showcasing American singer Rihanna's brand, which includes a hadith about the Day of Judgment. Rihanna was being criticized on the internet for playing this particular song. Including actor Feroze Khan.

Expressing anger in a tweet on social networking site Twitter, Feroze Khan called Rihanna a 'garbage', but after the actress apologized, he also deleted his tweet and Feroze Khan responded to his comment.

Rihanna, on the other hand, apologized through her Instagram story and termed the singing as an irresponsible act to hurt the feelings of Muslims.

Rihanna wrote in her explanatory message that using the song during the fashion show was an irresponsible move and it was an unintentional but careless mistake.

The song "Dom" belongs to singer Coco Chloe. She also apologized in her tweet on the social networking site Twitter, saying that the song was created using a sample of the Bailey Funk track that I found online. And they didn't know that the song contained sensitive words about Islam.

The singer also said in her message that I take full responsibility for the fact that I did not research these words properly and would like to thank all of you who explained it to me.


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