Federal Cabinet approves publication of IPPs inquiry report

Federal Cabinet approves publication of IPPs inquiry report

Minister for Planning Asad Omar has said that the Cabinet approved the publication of an inquiry report on Independent Power Producer (IPPs).

Briefing the media after the cabinet meeting in Islamabad, he said that one of the decisions made in the cabinet today was related to the committee report which was headed by Muhammad Ali.

He said that this report came to me from the Prime Minister as Chairman of the Cabinet Committee on Energy, after which we made some recommendations on it and then put it in front of the cabinet which was approved today. He said that this has been the principle of PTI government and Prime Minister Imran Khan is the first Prime Minister who has kept reports of work done during his government.

According to Asad Omar, none of the projects in this report related to the power projects were done during the PTI and neither did the work on which this report was written.

Moving forward, he said that all these projects and things have been happening in the government in the past.

"I know that this report was leaked to the media, but today the cabinet officially approved to make it public," he said.

Firdaus ashiq awan earlier told the media about the decisions made at the Cabinet meeting that the Cabinet in Agenda No. 1 decided to amend the OGRA Ordinance 2002 at the Cabinet Committee on Energy meeting on April 13. 


He said the amendment eliminated the difference between fixing regular and semi-annual tariffs. Talking about Agenda No 2, he continued, saying that the Prime Minister is committed to making Pakistan a powerful institution in regard to the restructuring and reforms of the Competitive Commission.

However, unfortunately, the Competition Commission has in the past made toys for these powerful people and not only protected the interests of the people, but also facilitated them at the judicial level at all levels, he said. 

According to Firdous Ashiq Awan, the Prime Minister has decided to remove the Chairperson of the Competition Commission from his position.

He said that the Chairperson obtained a judicial order after taking a judicial rescue and the matter is still pending in the court and no final judicial opinion has been received by the government.

He said that the Cabinet has decided that it is urgently necessary to reorganize this institution, to integrate the reforms with digitalization so that the ordinance brought against the stockholders can be used in the public interest effectively and efficiently.

The Assistant Special said that the recommendations of the committee, headed by Dr. Ishrat Hussain, who was entrusted with the responsibility of improving the performance and performance of the institution, were presented to the Cabinet today.

He further said that in light of these recommendations, it was laid before the cabinet that 27 petitions have been filed against the company while various stakeholders have liabilities of Rs 27 billion which they have to pay to the government of Pakistan.

At the same time, he said, whether it was the Sugar Mills or Floor Mills Association or the food-related organization, he withdrew the ruling from the courts against these decisions and he has been suspended for 11, 11 years.

He said that any conspiracy in Pakistan to host an organization, personality would be discouraged.


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