Father sued for selling 12-year-old daughter for Rs 500

Father sued for selling 12-year-old daughter for Rs 500

Posted on Jan 6, 2020

In Kasur, a man allegedly obtained a few bucks from another and allowed him to sexually assault his teenage daughter.

 According to the report, police registered a case against both the accused on the complaint of the girl's mother while DPO Zahid Nawaz Marwat formed a team comprising CIA officials to arrest the accused.

According to the complaint filed by the girl's mother in the police station, her husband called a man into the house and allowed him to sexually abuse his 12-year-old daughter for Rs 500.

In the complaint filed, the mother stated that she was away from home at work when the incident took place.

She said that when she returned home from work, her daughter told her of the abuse she had committed, after which the two accused managed to escape.

Police later shifted the victim to the Headquarters Hospital in Patuakhi Tehsil for medical examination, where they claimed the incident was a rape attempt.

It should be noted that the accused who financed the father had earlier been charged with child molestation in 2013.

In addition, the police arrested the accused by lodging a new case under Sections 376 (rap), 371-A (selling a person for prostitution), 371-B (buying someone for prostitution). Started doing raids to do.

It is noteworthy that in the past few years rap of children has been shaken by rapes, rape incidents.

After missing for five days in January 2018, the body of 6-year-old Zainab Ansari was found in a trash pile near Shahbaz Khan Road in Kasur, after which a series of protests across the country started and people took these incidents. I had come to call the people involved to take on the role of the unbeliever.

The main accused in the Zainab case, Imran Ali, was arrested on January 23, 2018, and on June 12, the Supreme Court dismissed the appeal against the death sentence of the accused saying that the accused committed the same crime with eight other children. Imran Ali was hanged in October last year.

Earlier in 2015, Kasur's Hussein Khanwala village received worldwide attention when the issue of child pornography surfaced, with hundreds of video clips presenting a group of underage boys and girls. Forced to have sex and filming it.

The group used these videos to blackmail their children's families and received millions of cash and jewellery from them.




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