Fans upset over removal of Ahad Raza Mir from Sajjal's name

Fans upset over removal of Ahad Raza Mir from Sajjal's name

After the name of her husband Ahad Raza Mir was removed from her name on Instagram by well-known actress Sajal Aly, her fans looked upset and people also prayed for her on the eve of their marriage. Sajal Aly updated her Instagram profile on March 22 and changed her name to her husband Ahad Raza Mir. Earlier, after the marriage, the actress had written her name Sajjal Ahad Mir on her account, but now she has changed it again. The name has been changed by the actress at a time when news of their separation has been circulating for the last few months and the two have not commented on such news.

Rumors of separation and divorce have been circulating between the two for the past six months and they intensified when Ahad Raza Mir was not seen at the wedding of Sajal Aly's sister actress Saboor Ali in January this year. The two have not commented on the news of their separation and the two have not shared photos together on social media for several months now Sajal Aly has changed his name on Instagram, which has upset fans.

After Sajal Aly's name change, many people expressed concern and tweeted that there should be no differences and separation between the two.

Fans wrote that both deserve only love and happiness, so there should be no bad news about them.

Some people reassured that the name change did not mean separation between the two, because before Sajal Aly, other personalities including Priyanka Chopra had also changed their names and they did not separate.

Some fans also termed the news of Sajal Aly's name change as the worst news and expressed their concern that what happened between their favorite couple? Remember that the two were married in March 2020, their pair has been very popular in real life, including the screen.



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