Fahad Mustafa Makes TV Comeback in Kabhi Mein Kabhi Tum

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Fahad Mustafa Makes TV Comeback in Kabhi Mein Kabhi Tum

Popular Pakistani actor Fahad Mustafa has made a notable return to television drama with Kabhi Mein, Kabhi Tum on ARY Digital, his first drama in almost a decade. This drama marks a significant comeback, featuring him alongside Hania Aamir for the first time, adding to the excitement among viewers.

Kabhi Mein, Kabhi Tum explores the complexities of a love triangle involving the characters played by Fahad Mustafa and Hania Aamir. This narrative twist adds a layer of intrigue and emotional depth to the storyline. Additionally, the drama boasts a star-studded cast with Javed Sheikh and Maya Ali, who surprisingly takes on the role of Hania Aamir’s mother.


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The drama is penned by acclaimed writer Farhat Ishtiaq, directed by Badr Mehmood, and produced by Dr. Ali Kazmi in collaboration with Fahad Mustafa. These big names in the industry hint at the high production values and compelling storytelling that the drama promises to deliver.

Fahad Mustafa’s acting journey began in 2003, and he quickly became a household name with his engaging performances. After a successful 12-year stint in television, he paused his TV career at the end of 2015, following his last drama alongside Hareem Farooq. Since then, Mustafa has been predominantly active in the film industry as an actor and producer, contributing to several successful projects.

Fahad Mustafa Act in Kabhi Mein Kabhi Tum

With his return to the small screen, Fahad Mustafa rekindles his connection with the television audience, who have eagerly awaited his return. Kabhi Mein, Kabhi Tum not only marks a new chapter in Mustafa’s career but also continues to receive acclaim from viewers for its compelling narrative and strong performances.

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