Extremists are using the coronavirus to recruit online, says UN chief

Extremists are using the coronavirus to recruit online, says UN chief

Posted on Apr 29, 2020

United Nations: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned extremists to take advantage of the lockdown caused by the Coronavirus to spread hatred.
And social media activities are intensifying to recruit young people who spend more time online.

"Before the coronavirus, one in five young people was not getting education, training or employment, and one in four young people was affected by violence or conflict," he said.

He lamented that 12 million girls become mothers every year when they are children themselves.


He told the UN Security Council meeting on youth, peace, and security that these frustrations and, frankly, the failure of those in power today to deal with them, confidence in the political establishment and institutions Reducing

"When such a time comes, it is easier for extremist groups to take advantage of anger and frustration, and the risk of radicalism increases," he said.

Despite these challenges, young people are still looking for ways to join the fight against the corona virus, support each other and advance the cause of change, the UN chief said.

He pointed out that young people from Colombia, Ghana, Iraq, and many other countries are involved in humanitarian volunteers in maintaining contact with communities while maintaining social distance, providing frontline health workers and supplies to those in need. 

He said that the youth was also supporting his call for a ceasefire in all the conflicts of the world on March 23.


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