Ex-Senator accused US presidential candidate Joe Biden for sexual assault

Ex-Senator accused US presidential candidate Joe Biden for sexual assault

Posted on Apr 14, 2020

Joe Biden, a Democratic-US presidential candidate, was accused of sexually assaulting a former Senate employee in the early 1990s, while Joe Biden denied the charge.

Former U.S. Senate employee and Joe Biden's assistant Terra Ride said in interviews that he was allegedly assaulted in 1993 by the basement of the Capitol Hill office building, the News Agency Associated Press (AP) reported.

He said Joe Biden was a senator at the time.

TerraRide filed a police report last week in Washington, saying it was an unidentified man who was sexually assaulted in 1993.

According to the report, the former Vice President of TerraRide did not make such allegations for the first time, but earlier last year he publicly charged that Joe Biden was inappropriately touched but did not say anything about the abuse.

Kobe Beddingfield, deputy manager and communications director of the Joe Biden campaign, said that the former vice president 'devoted his life to changing the laws and culture of oppressing women.'

Referring to the Violence Against Women Act approved by Joe Biden, he said he fully believes in the honor of women with respect to the rope, but such claims should be examined by the free media.

Referring to the allegations, Beddingfield said that "what is clear in these claims is that it is a lie, nothing like that has ever happened."

It is to be noted that the allegations against Joe Biden come at a time when Democrats have emerged as strong candidates for the presidential candidate against Trump.

The Democrats' candidacy may have difficulty obtaining women's votes, while women's support is of prime importance to them.

The scheduled election in November this year will be the first in a worldwide campaign, with many celebrities and celebrities accusing Trump and others of being under the May campaign.

Remember that on April 9, Bernie Sanders considered the Democrats' strongest candidate, announced his withdrawal, which paved the way for Joe Biden.

Joe Biden praised Bernie Sanders' decision in a statement on social networking website Twitter, urging voters to prepare Sanders for their campaign.

He said, 'I saw you, heard and I understand what to do for this country'.

Addressing them in response to Sanders' decision, Joe Biden said, "I hope you will be with me, you will be welcomed because you need to."


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