Europe imposes emergency to prevent Corona virus

Europe imposes emergency to prevent Corona virus

Posted on Mar 6, 2020

Europe imposes emergency to prevent Coronavirus

Brussels: European authorities impose emergency across Europe to prevent the deadly Corona virus, globally with a loss of $ 30 billion dollars from the Corona virus to the aviation industry.

According to details, the killings of the Corona virus could not be stopped nor prevented from spreading, 95,488 people have been affected by the virus worldwide, and on the other hand, the recovery process is ongoing and So far 53689 people have been recovered from the deadly virus, with special attention being given to the global recovery process.

European authorities have imposed an emergency across Europe to prevent further spread of the corona virus, the entry of all visitors to the European Parliament has been closed for 3 weeks.

the foreign news agency had said, more than 80 percent of the events have also been cancelled.

The Foreign sources say Belgium suffered a loss of 10 million dollars in the hotel's industry, by corona virus while the global aviation industry faces a loss of $ 30 billion dollars.

In China, where the virus began to spread, the casualties and new patients are gradually decreasing, so far 3,013 people in China have been killed by the virus and 80,430 people have been infected with the virus, the number of people recovering has reached 52,208, but the condition of 5,952 Chinese citizens is still serious.

Another case of the Corona virus has been reported in Saudi Arabia. The death toll has 35 in South Korea, 6 in Japan, 4 in France, and 2 in Spain, Australia and Hong Kong. So far only one case has been reported in about 22 countries; two cases have been reported in 5 countries, three cases in 7 countries, 4 in one country, However, 5 cases have been reported just in Pakistan. There are 5 countries where 6 cases were reported.

In Norway, 23 people have been diagnosed with the Corona virus in 24 hours, bringing the total to 59, In Oslo, 280 hospital workers have been banned from leaving their homes and working, 70 doctors among workers, Including 70 nurses, In addition, hundreds of people have been banned from leaving home in the wake of the Corona virus.


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