Educational institutions open in China, children allowed to go out in Spain

Educational institutions open in China, children allowed to go out in Spain

Posted on Apr 27, 2020

Educational institutions began opening in China on April 27, while in the European country of Spain, children were allowed to go out after six weeks.

The coronavirus started in China in December 2019 and all educational institutions were shut down in January 2020.

In China, more than 82,000 people have been infected with the corona and about 5,000 have been killed there, but on April 26, the administration in the city of Wuhan considered the center of the corona, claimed that all of the coronae there The patients recovered.

The situation in China has been gradually returning to normal over the past few weeks, and the government on April 27 allowed the opening of educational institutions in some areas, and about three months later, students turned to educational institutions.


As soon as the institution opened, a large number of students arrived to receive an education. — Photo: AFP
Universities, including middle and high schools, opened in major cities such as Shanghai and Beijing on April 27, and the first day saw a crush of students, according to AFP.

According to the report, middle and high schools were opened in Shanghai while universities were opened in Beijing.

After the opening of the educational institutions, the students and their staff have been instructed to take strict security measures and on the first day, all the students were seen in face masks while they also adopted the principles of social distance.

Business life resumed in early March, just before the opening of educational institutions in China, and now, where shopping malls have opened, cinema halls and entertainment venues have also opened. Even life has not been fully restored.


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