Due to Corona Emmy Awards Announced for Virtual Ceremony

Due to Corona Emmy Awards Announced for Virtual Ceremony

Posted on Jul 31, 2020

The entertainment industry's most prestigious and prestigious 'Emmy Awards' for TV will be held virtually this year. The Emmy Awards nominations were announced two days ago, but no details were given at the time.

It was previously thought that the red carpet would not be held this year due to the Corona epidemic and that a limited number of people would be invited to the awards ceremony, but this has now been confirmed. With the exception of the Emmy Awards, almost all other awards ceremonies have been postponed, while cinema halls around the world have been closed since March this year and films are not being screened.

The most prestigious Oscar awards in the film world have also been postponed for 2 months and now the Oscar ceremony will be held in April 2021 instead of February 2021. Like the Emmy Awards, the Venice Film Festival will be held in September, and the world's oldest annual film festival in Italy will begin on September 2 and run until September 12.

Reuters quoted the showbiz website Variety in its report as saying that the management of the Emmy Awards had completed preparations to hold the event virtually. Although the event will be shown virtually online on TV and websites on September 20, it is thought that some people will attend. It is also being said that the showbiz personalities attending the event will be wearing unique and corona-like clothing instead of the glamorous ones of the past.

Although the administration has not clearly defined the red carpet, it is believed that beauties will not be able to shine on the red carpet this time. It should be noted that the nominations for the Emmy Awards were announced two days ago, in which the dramas of the streaming website Netflix received a record 160 nominations.

This year, HBO is in second place with 107 nominations, but the same website's drama 'Watchman' is at the top with 26 nominations.

The Emmy Awards are presented by the administration in a total of 26 different main categories. The above 26 categories have more sub-categories including Best Actress, Actor, Director, Supporting Actress, Actor, Drama Serial, Comedy, Action, and Music among others.

The number of main categories and sub-categories of the Emmy Award goes up to 90. This time the most black actors have been nominated, but it remains to be seen how many black actors are now given the award.

The Emmy Awards began in 1949 and will mark its 72nd anniversary this year.


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