Don't want any security role of India in Afghanistan

Don't want any security role of India in Afghanistan

Posted on Mar 5, 2020

'Don't want any security role in India'

Speaking in the Senate, the Foreign Minister said, "Mr. chairman there is also our Red Lines, which I will also mention, number one was neither and are not in favour of a joint operation.

Opposing India's role, he said, "Our concern is that it has a history. Another point is that if God were to have another problem there could be another relief for the migrants whose burden we may have to bear."

Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that "there is a lack of trust between a section of Afghanistan and a global community. There are still some people who think that Pakistan's role is a question mark. It has to be removed."

He said, "We have to be prepared for another issue as a nation that if there is tension and its effects can come to Pakistan, then it has to be prepared and the present government needs many challenges." There is a political instability within Afghanistan that cannot be ignored.

"There are anti-Pakistan activities in Afghanistan, in the presence of Al-Qaeda and ISIS and the activities of enemy countries, which are challenging," he said.


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