Donald Trump strongly criticized for identifying a Whistle blower

Donald Trump strongly criticized for identifying a Whistle blower

Posted on Dec 30, 2019

Donald Trump strongly criticized for identifying a Whistleblower
Donald Trump has been criticized by the White House over his criticism of the White House for disclosing the name of the prosecutor's weapon, the US president, on behalf of his own party.

Donald Trump is reportedly critical of retweeting a report revealing the name of a CIA official who posted a Ukrainian scandal on Twitter, according to a Dawn newspaper report.

Donald Trump's move is seen as a violation of the law guaranteeing the secrecy of weapon blowers.

Donald Trump's ally Republican Senator June Kennedy told Fox News, "If the president expressed a little patience with Twitter, it would not affect people's minds, but the president would not accept my suggestion nor would I hope him to do so."

Donald Trump is expected to end 2019 as the third president facing prosecution in American history.

They have been accused of pushing Ukraine to investigate against rivals Biden in the 2020 attacks.

The historic criticism of the misuse of power in the Democratic-dominated House of Representatives and the obstruction of Congress will make it very difficult for Republicans to pass in the Senate.
The US President's retweet regarding Weasel Blower is no longer on his timeline, but it is unclear who removed him.

The Democratic Coalition, the political organization, tweeted on Sunday, saying, "Where Donald Trump has been consistently supporting efforts to bring down Bloor, this retweet is the first event to send direct names to the 60 million followers. It has happened. '




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