Domestic flight suspension extended until April 11

Domestic flight suspension extended until April 11

Rawalpindi: The government has decided to extend the suspension of all domestic (domestic) flights till April 11.

It is understood that the government suspended March 26 for all scheduled and non-scheduled domestic flights, chartered and private aircraft passenger flights until April 2.

Aviation Division spokesman and senior Joint Secretary Abdul Sattar Khokhar said in a press release that the government has extended the suspension period for all types of domestic flights from April 2 to April 11.

However, flights arriving from Islamabad International Airport to Gilgit and Skardu airports will continue as usual.

They say the ban only exempts diplomats, special / freight flights and PIAs with the special permits of the authorities concerned for carrying or carrying stranded passengers.

Further, travelers will have to undergo testing, isolation or quarantine according to established procedures.

Flights to Canada and UK depart April 2 and 3, spokesperson PIA

The government, on the other hand, allowed Pakistan International Airlines to partially resume flight operations.

PIA spokesman Abdullah Hafeez said in a press release that a limited number of passengers will be brought back in the first phase so that they can be tested in accordance with the capacity of the National Institute of Health Sciences.

He said flights to Canada and the UK would fly from Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad airports, with a flight to Toronto on April 3 and a UK flight to be restored on April 4.

He added that stranded passengers will be given priority due to suspension of flights and all flights will be returned to Islamabad Airport only.

Spokeswoman PIA said that all passengers would be tested or scanned upon arrival and all passengers would be booked in a hotel in Islamabad for six hours.


The passengers who are declared cleared in the scanning will be sent home while the affected patients will be shifted to Quarantine.

It is important to note that the Civil Aviation Authority issued guidelines for the safety of the passengers as well as the crew.

Civil Aviation had said that staff members who had symptoms such as nausea should not work and should at least interact with staff on the ground.

In addition, all individuals should take thorough hygiene precautions before entering the cockpit.

In addition, the aircraft will be cleansed with alcohol wipes before being flown, and crews have been asked to wash their hands with sterile solution before eating anything.


Civil aviation authority (caa)

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