Does GG Hadid also use indigenous spices (Desi Masala) in food?

Does GG Hadid also use indigenous spices (Desi Masala) in food?

Posted on Dec 30, 2020

Gigi Hadid, a 25-year-old Palestinian-American supermodel, gave birth to a baby girl in September this year, after which Internet users were excited about her daughter's name. And recently, he shared a story on the photo-sharing app Instagram in the late 2020 trend 'Post a Picture Off', which caught the attention of social media users.

Under the Insta Challenge called 'Post a Picture Off', users are sharing in their stories the photos that their followers are asking them to post. Similarly, Gigi Hadid also shared a photo under the challenge in which he was asked to post a photo of September 15.

However, when Gigi Hadid shared a photo taken on September 15 in his story, he surprised the fans and his story went viral as soon as he saw it. In fact, Gigi Hadid shared a photo of his kitchen cabinet on InstaStory which included various spices like cumin, turmeric, beefsteak, tandoori spices, and others.

Interestingly, in the eyes of some consumers, the box of spices placed on one side of the cabinet could not be hidden and they were surprised that Palestinian models use local spices as well as common spices in their food in Pakistan.

Gigi Hadid posted a picture of September 15 in her story and said that she used these spices during pregnancy and also called herself 'Psycho'. The story of the American supermodel went viral and social media users made interesting comments on it.

Hot spice, tandoori spice, written by a user named Maisha de Stalin.

Mayb: A Twitter handle named Saman wrote that Gigi Hadid in one of his photos did as much work for South Asians as Priyanka did in her entire career.

He made it clear in his second tweet that this is a joke, don't be angry about it.


A user named Fareb wrote that when the captain of Gigi Hadid's spices represented South Asia, he would not do more in Hollywood than him.

A user named Madiha wrote that Gigi Hadid Shaan is a fan of spices.

A user named Y wrote that it is known that GG is also a fan of Shaan Masala.

A Twitter handler named Younas said that this time Gigi Hadid should appear in the advertisement coming in Ramadan.

A user named Hamna wrote that he called himself a psycho when used for a short period of time, we use it every day.

Harris Khan, a user, said that whites approved of daisies.

"Now we're waiting for Shaan Masala to come up with this new ad that GG's trust is just Shawn," said Deadly Doraemon, a Twitter user.


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