Doctors Removed 7kg kidney from the Patient.

Doctors  Removed 7kg kidney from the Patient.

Posted on Nov 27, 2019

New Delhi: Doctors at a hospital in the Indian capital removed 7kg400gm kidney from the patient.

According to an Indian media report, the team, led by Surgeon Dr. Sachin Katoria, of Ganga Shri Ram Hospital, New Delhi, underwent a 56-year-old operation that was successful.

The doctor claims that the kidney removed from the patient's body is the world's heaviest kidney, weighing in at around 7kg 400g. According to the report, doctors were shocked by the weight of the kidney.

According to surgeon Sachin Katoria, we underwent a two-hour operation to save the patient's life and managed to get the kidney out, the affected person's neck was covered in a full stomach, causing him to have difficulty breathing.

According to doctors, the kidney extracted from the body of the affected person was approximately 2 newborns and is the largest kidney transplant anywhere in the world.

According to the report, Guinness World Record already has a record of expelling 4kg kidneys, the hospital administration contacted the Guinness Book of World Records team to record the record.

According to doctors, the patient's nature is gradually improving after the operation and it is hoped that he will be fully recovered soon.


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