Disney World plans to send 43,000 employees on forced leave

Disney World plans to send 43,000 employees on forced leave

Disney, a US-based multinational company owned by Adventure Theme Park and the world's largest entertainment company.
 All of its parks around the world were closed in fear of the outbreak of the 'Coronavirus', and now Disney World plans to send 43000 of its employees on forced leave.

The New York Times reports that the project will be implemented from April 19.

These employees were provided to Disney World by the Service Trade Council Union, which operates in Florida's Theme Park.

A company official was quoted as saying that the union did not like the decision, however, given the situation at present, the Disney company has the right to make that decision.

He added that usually when employees are planned to be deported, they are also told the date of return, but no decision has been made as to why they should be called back because of the Coronavirus.

According to the report, employees who are being sent on forced leave will not be able to get health allowance despite their leave, nor will their seniority be abolished nor will they be paid less after rehabilitation.

Employees will receive benefits during this forced shock.

43,000 employees belonging to the company have applied for financial help after the decision to send the employees on leave for the long term.

It is understood that the multi-national and multi-purpose entertainment company closed the theme park in the US state of Florida, California and European capital Paris last month, while the company announced the closure of other parks from March 15. 

Disney is a US-based multinational company that operates entertainment, fashion, showbiz, and online business companies and companies, with the same company being named "Disneyland" and "Disney Theme Park" in the US, Asia, and Europe. There are also science fiction parks.

The Disney Company has 11 parks in the United States, Asia, and Europe.

It is to be noted that despite the lockdown in most countries of the world, the magnitude of Corona is not yet seen and by the afternoon of April 13, the number of people affected by Corona in 185 countries of the world has increased to more than 18,85000۔

In terms of corona patients, the US is leading with more than 2.5 million patients, while the United States is the top in terms of casualties.

As of noon on April 13, the number of Coronavirus deaths worldwide had risen to 141,979.


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