Criticism of Qasim Ali Shah over statement about 'good' wife

Criticism of Qasim Ali Shah over statement about 'good' wife

Posted on Nov 4, 2020

Qasim Ali Shah, a Pakistani motivational speaker, and writer have been criticized on social media for the past few days for saying that nowhere is a woman taught how to be a good wife. Qasim Ali Shah's statement has been under discussion on social media since the 36-second video clip went viral.

In a viral video clip, Qasim Ali Shah, while answering a woman's question, said, "How to be a good wife is not taught anywhere."

"Whether you go to a school, up to 10 years matriculation degree, how to be a good wife is not taught anywhere," he said. In the video, Qasim Ali Shah continued, "Although two roles are very important in a woman's life, one of which is that of a good wife and the other that of a good mother." He added that it is not taught anywhere in school, it is not taught in college and it is not taught at all in university and the only source that remains is what is a good mother and a good wife, that source of training is home, ie the girl looked at her mother.

The video clip, which went viral on social media, is part of Qasim Ali Shah's Q&A session in which he answered a question from a woman named Hoor Fatima. Hur Fatima had asked in her question whether working women do not prove to be good mothers of children. Qasim Ali Shah had uploaded a 15-minute reply to the question on his YouTube channel in May this year.

However, a 36-second video clip of him circulating on social media in which Qasim Ali Shah talks about a good wife and mother.

Qasim Ali Shah is being criticized by many Twitter users after the video went viral.

In this regard, Pakistani comedian and theater actor Shehzad Ghias Shaikh, while sharing the video clip, wrote critically, "Why are there girls' schools if they can't teach them how to enslave their husbands?"

He added that the Lahore Grammar School (LGS) should change its name to Lahore Groom Sleeves, set fire to all science books and tell the girls how to make better wigs, so that Qasim Ali Shah would never be on camera again. Another Twitter user wrote that if being a good wife means obeying the husband, being subject to his needs, desires, likes and dislikes, creating a life revolving around the husband, then education is of no use.

Another Twitter user on the social networking site criticized, saying, "I was upset to hear in schools that 'how to be the perfect and obedient wife of the 1950s for your husband, whatever you want.' Was tied up against

He further said that Qasim Ali Shah really dared to say that a woman has only two roles to be a mother and a wife.

Another user said, "Look who said that. They are very much appreciated."

The user added in another tweet that can Imran Khan introduce a new article called 'Perfect Wife 101' and when we girls read this article then boys can go to sports class because he is perfect Are

Criticizing Qasim Ali Shah's statement, another user asked why men are not taught to be better human beings when Pakistan is facing serious problems like rape, honor killings, acid attacks, domestic violence, forced marriages. Why not teach men to be better husbands, fathers, human beings, and citizens?

Another user said that Qasim Ali Shah has said about the needs of women that they have to be good mothers and good wives.

Journalist Aafia Salam wrote that the education of becoming a good father and husband starts in kindergarten, right?

However, some users also supported Qasim Ali Shah's statement.

Rana Imran Javed said that Qasim Ali Shah is fine, family is a basic unit that forms a society.

"No society can flourish if girls and boys are not educated about their role in the family," he said.

Rana Imran Javed said that this is not a matter of deprivation of women but it is related to social development.

Another user said that we are raising questions and objections on the 36-second video clip.

"We didn't try to figure out what the question was," he wrote. What did Qasim Ali Shah say before or after this?


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