Create a monkey forced to protect Donald Trump from monkeys

Create a monkey forced to protect Donald Trump from monkeys

Posted on Feb 24, 2020

Create a monkey forced to protect Donald Trump from monkeys

US President arrives in India on a two-day visit, the force has been formed to protect Donald Trump from monkeys, 14 thousand litres of water have been released in the Jamuna river.

According to details, US President Donald Trump arrived in India, Donald Trump landed in Gujarat, the hometown of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, instead of New Delhi.

Congress has announced the boycott of the event in honour of President Trump. During a two-day visit to India, President Trump will meet Prime Minister Modi on the status of religious freedom in India.

In addition, Pakistan-India tensions are also expected to be discussed. On the arrival of US President Donald Trump, the Modi government is blooming with joy and is taking strange and childish steps.

Fourteen thousand litres of water was left in the Jamuna River just to show Trump. Trump did not see the poverty spread on India's horizons, so a wall has been set up in front of the huts on the Trump route in Ahmedabad.

Most importantly, a powerful force has been formed to protect the US president from monkey attacks. The Monkey Force, consisting of 700 personnel, will protect President Trump from monkeys during his visit to the Taj Mahal.

On this occasion, the Indian government, despite earning millions of rupees, also woke up the fate of the neglected Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal has also cleaned because of President Trump's arrival. Moreover, the visit of the US President to India has frightened the Kashmiri Sikhs.

Kashmiri Sikhs say there is a danger of violence against the Sikh community as thirty-five Sikhs were kicked out of their homes on the occasion of US President Bill Clinton's visit to India in 2000.


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