Council of Islamic Ideology appeals to pay zakat To help the laborers before Ramadan

Council of Islamic Ideology appeals to pay zakat To help the laborers before Ramadan

Posted on Mar 20, 2020

On the economic impact of the Coronavirus, the Council of Islamic Ideology has appealed to the people of the status quo to pay zakat before Ramadan.

According to a statement in this regard, the Department of Council of Islamic Ideology urges the nation's status and ability to be economically affected daily wage laborers and others without waiting for Ramadan. Pay zakat and charity to the consumers so that they can easily meet their financial needs.

The statement further said that zakat can be paid before the end of the year according to the law, whereas in the current crisis it is a better process.

At the same time, the Department of Islamic Ideology Council's research suggested that different status persons should form a group and set up a fund so that the needy could be of late help.

It should be noted that the rapid spread of the Coronavirus in the country is seen as financially significant and the working class on the daily wage is being affected the most.

Although the federal government has not announced a complete lockdown in the country, the provincial governments have taken various measures in view of the situation in their provinces.

Sindh's worst-affected province orders closure of educational institutions until May 31, as well as the closure of various locations including shopping malls, markets, tea shops, restaurants, parks, online bus service, coastal strip. 

Following these orders, all places in Sindh are closed, while business activities in the country's economic hub, Karachi, are almost nonexistent due to the lack of business activities.

If you look at the cases of coronavirus in the country, 448 people have been affected so far and 3 have died.


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