Coronavirus: Trump dismisses allegations, does any country blame America for spreading AIDS ?: China

Coronavirus: Trump dismisses allegations, does any country blame America for spreading AIDS ?: China

Posted on Apr 21, 2020

Beijing: China says US President Donald Trump's allegations about the Coronavirus are baseless, and we reject them.


According to details, the death toll from the Coronavirus has increased by one and a half million, while more than 200 countries around the world are preparing to deal with the deadly outbreak, but tensions between the US and China are increasing. ۔ US President Donald Trump and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have repeatedly called Ali al-Qaeda, a virus that is a 'Chinese virus' and has been repeatedly denied by China.


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According to a foreign news agency, China has once again rejected allegations of US President Donald Trump's Beijing-related Coronavirus.


According to a foreign news agency, US President Donald Trump yesterday accused China of deliberately spreading the Coronavirus, saying that China would have to suffer the consequences of the Coronavirus outbreak.

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According to the news agency, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Jung Shivang says that China sacrificed to overcome the Coronavirus, the outbreak can be overcome through international harmony.

He said that the 2009 "H1N1" virus that began in the United States spreads to 214 countries and territories around the world, The US-based H1N1 virus has caused 2 million deaths worldwide.


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Spokesperson to the Chinese Foreign Ministry further said that no one has blamed the US on the spread of the H1N1 virus, the first AIDS diagnosis was made in the US in 1980, which involved countless people worldwide. Did any country blame America for spreading AIDS?


China, on the other hand, has rejected Australia's demand for a Coronavirus investigation.


Washington and several allies have accused China of failing to adequately respond to the threat of the disease until weeks after the first patient appeared in Wuhan late last year.

US President Donald Trump announced that withholding US funding for the World Health Organization said that WHO initially concealed the outbreak of the pandemic, and was responsible for such mass casualties.


Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Ying Shuang said the allegations insulted the "tremendous efforts and sacrifices of the Chinese people" to deal with the disease.


In a press briefing, Ying said that the questions raised about China's transparency in preventing and controlling the outbreak are in stark contrast to the facts.


He was responding to Australian Foreign Minister Maurice Paine's question, which he said a day earlier said his country would insist on investigating Beijing and the WHO's response.


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