Coronavirus plunges into Pakistan stock market

Coronavirus plunges into Pakistan stock market

Corona virus plunges into Pakistan stock market

Karachi: Corona virus shake the world economy, Pakistan stock market recorded severe recession, 100 indexes could not sustain a level of 38 thousand and reached 37910 levels.

According to details, the adverse effects of Corona's on the global economy intensified. the Pakistan stock market is also on the verge last day of the trading week, the 100 indexes were down 180 points during the trading period.

After that, the 100 indexes could not maintain the level of 38 thousand and the index reached the level of 37910.

Experts say investors are very cautious after confirming the Corona virus.

Considering that the four-day continuous recession has reduced the record of more than 2700 points in the 100 indexes, the market fell by more than 11 hundred points on the first day of the week, 285 points on the second day and 520 points on the third day.

On the other hand, due to the corona virus, the bearish clouds in the global stock markets have deepened, the Japanese stock market has seen a decline of more than 900 points.

All of China's index was down, the Hong Kong index also recorded a decline of 781 points, and the Korean stock market recorded 66 points.

In the US and European stock markets, the end of trading was also severe, Dow Jones by 1191 points, Nasdaq fell 141 points, while the French stock market declined 189 points, the German market 407 points.


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