Coronavirus confirmed in Russian PM Mikhail Mishustin, transferred to hospital

Coronavirus confirmed in Russian PM Mikhail Mishustin, transferred to hospital

The prime minister of Russia, a country plagued by increasing cases of the corona, also fell victim to corona, after which he was taken to hospital.

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, 54, fell victim to Corona on April 30, the same day with a record 7,099 cases.

Russia is also facing increasing cases of corona and the total number of people affected in Russia yesterday alone exceeded one million.

By the morning of May 1, the number of people infected with Corona in Russia had risen to more than 160,000, and the death toll there had risen to 1,073.

Russia has had a partial lockdown since March to avoid corona but has been criticized internationally for failing to take systematic action against the epidemic.

Russia has also imposed harsh penalties on those who do not comply with government directives to prevent Corona.

Russia has sentenced a man to five years in prison and fined up to 4 million Pakistani rupees for spreading rumors about Corona.

Similarly, those who violate the lockdown and are not confined to their homes can be fined up to 600,000 Pakistani rupees, but corona cases are still on the rise in Russia.

As many as 20,000 Corona patients have been diagnosed in Russia this week, including Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

According to Reuters, the results of Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin's test came out on April 30, in which he confirmed Corona.

Following the report's positive results, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin informed Russian President Vladimir Putin via a video call that he had contracted corona and was moving to quarantine to recover. ۔

The Prime Minister requested that in addition to the International Atomic Energy Agency's ongoing inspections in Iran, that it monitors Russia's compliance with "the steps required by the IAEA Board".

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The Russian prime minister told the president that he would remain in the hospital on the advice of experts and would not serve as prime minister in the meantime.

He is expected to be replaced by First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Bellasov as Prime Minister.

Mikhail Mishustin is the second prime minister of the world to suffer from corona, followed by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who fell victim to corona in March and was taken to hospital in critical condition, where he was hospitalized for a week. He was placed in the intensive care unit.

Boris Johnson, who recovered a week ago, is taking over as prime minister.

At the same time, Mikhail Mishustin is the first high-ranking Russian government official to fall victim to Corona.


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