Coronavirus Cases Fall After Mask Mandate Is Lifted in Texas

Coronavirus Cases Fall After Mask Mandate Is Lifted in Texas

Posted on May 3, 2021

Texas "Neanderthals" seemed to be right, while President Joseph R. Biden and the mass media were completely mistaken.

Lone Star State has not seen an increase in coronavirus cases in the weeks following its mask disobedience - in fact, coronavirus cases have declined for the 18th day in a row. According to the Texas Tribune, Texas has provided a dose of 10 million vaccinations, about 13% of the population has been completely saved from polio, hospital admissions have decreased and mortality rates have decreased.

According to Vanity Fair, votes from Texas and Mississippi to repeal the United States mask mandate could result in an additional 500,000 deaths. Former Rep. Betowork called Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's vote a "death sentence," and said he was "sacrificing the lives of our fellow Texas comrades for political gain." "I'm scared of what I'm afraid of," an ICU nurse told CNN, and Dr. Anthony Fossey found the transition "incomprehensible."

Meanwhile, cases are on the rise in New York and New Jersey, two states with strict coronavirus regulations. Workplaces and schools are still closed, and masks are needed. New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said he was "shocked" by Government Abbott's decision to end his state's mask mandate, adding that he "cannot imagine removing the mask mandate from within."

On the other hand, mask mandates and market cap restrictions do not seem to benefit New Jersey or New York.

Maybe, just maybe, these two coronaviruses are not as effective at suffocating the limits of the virus. The mass media was anxious to predict a tragedy in the southern states that are basically back in life, such as Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina, but the evidence does not support these serious predictions, as He didn't in Texas...

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention help you monitor epidemics in both open and closed states, and statistics clearly show that lockdowns fail to stop the spread of the virus. According to the US Agency for International Development (AIER), "lockdown states have had a little statistical effect on the spread of the virus and have yielded tremendous results."

"Lockdowns, on the other hand, have destroyed businesses, schools, churches, liberties, and lives, frustrated the population, and deprived citizens of basic rights. It's about avoiding a virus that was already doing its job, ”according to AIER.

It is a bold assumption that the government and the people who work for it may have a pathogen, but our mass media and Democratic officials have worked tirelessly over the past year to convince you.

Now is the time to reopen our world, and if anyone wants to be vaccinated, the veils will be removed. Americans have acted wisely during this epidemic. Now is the time for Democrats and the mass media to do the same and get voters to go their own way. Examine the evidence before using panic campaigns.


Hamza Sarfraz

Blog Author

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