Corona virus tests of Pope Francis are negative

Corona virus tests of Pope Francis are negative

The news came a few days ago that Pope Francis, the spiritual leader of Christians, suddenly fell ill.

The news of Pope Francis' disease came at a time when the number of Corona virus patients was spreading in the European country of Italy.

News of Pope Francis' illness came to light on February 28, suggesting that the spiritual leader of Christians fell ill after sympathizing with victims of the Corona virus and following some important meetings in the Vatican City.

No explanation was given for Pope Francis' illness, but he was told he had colds and colds.

Pope Francis became ill at a time when he was presiding over the Vatican City to have an important meeting on the economy of Christian spiritual professions, and he fell ill just two days before the meeting began.

Following the fall of Pope Francis, the Vatican City announced for the first time in history, announcing it to be held this year in November, announcing the major economic and economic program.

After the cancellation of the program and the increasing prevalence of Corona virus patients in Italy, it was suspected that Pope Francis was also infected with the virus after which he was tested.

Reuters reported in a report citing the Italian media that Pope Francis' test of Corona came out negative.

The report said that Pope Francis's test was conducted on March 2, with the initial results revealed on March 3.

The news agency reported that although Italian media reported that Pope Francis' test had come in negative, Vatican City officials declined to immediately discuss the report.

According to a Reuters report, Pope Francis has also been sick in the past and had a lung injury a decade ago due to illnesses, which causes him to suffer from conditions such as diarrhoea and colds.

The Vatican City has not explicitly made any statement regarding Pope Francis or any other official infected with the Coronavirus, but there have been stringent measures for precautionary measures.

Vatican City is located in Italy and Italy has the most coronavirus cases after China and South Korea.

By noon on March 3 in Italy, the number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus had risen to 2,36, while the number of casualties there had increased to 54.

Overall, the number of Coronavirus patients increased to 90,937 by the afternoon of March 3, and the death toll rose to 3,117.

By 3 March, the number of coronavirus patients had increased to five in March


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