Corona Virus: Mother builds tent for a daughter's education

Corona Virus: Mother builds tent for a daughter's education

Posted on Feb 21, 2020

Corona Virus: Mother builds a tent for the daughter's education

BEIJING: In China, where the deadly Coronavirus has engulfed the entire country in fear, people have discovered new ways to stay connected to life.

In a suburban town adjacent to Wuhan, China's most affluent city, a mother built temporary tents made of bamboo and plastic for her daughter's education.

This area is under lockdown due to the virus and the internet has also slowed down here. A few days ago, the mother took a mobile hand and circled the town and found that the internet speed was right at the entrance of the town.

Though Requires access to information from the Internet while studying so the mother decided to sit there and teach her 7-year-old daughter and build a temporary tent with bamboo and plastic for this purpose.

Both mother and daughter wear a mask daily and sit inside the tent. Chinese media also broadcast the video of the mother sitting in the tent.

Remember that the death toll from the Coronavirus has risen to 2,236 in China, the virus killing more than 100 people a day.

In the last 24 hours, 889 new cases have been reported in China and the total number of cases has increased to over 75,000.


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