Corona virus kills another 939 people in America

Corona virus kills another 939 people in America

Washington: The Coronavirus kills another 939 people in the United States, the death toll rises to 42,518, and the number of civilians affected is estimated at 8 million. President Trump has announced a temporary ban on US immigration, due to a record drop in oil prices, the United States will store 70 million barrels of oil.

Coronavirus kills the US, the deadly virus kills another 939 people With the number of affected citizens approaching eight million, the situation is worse in New York, with about 72,000 patients still recovering.

On the historic decline of US crude, President Trump has said he will use oil prices to his advantage, store 700 million barrels of oil, and sell extra oil prices to improve.

Donald Trump imposes temporary ban on US immigration due to economic downturn, US President Trump said in a message on Twitter that he is currently facing an invisible enemy, a temporary ban on the protection of American citizens' jobs. I will sign the executive order.


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