Corona virus is transformed into 2 different types, research

Corona virus is transformed into 2 different types, research

Posted on Mar 5, 2020

The coronavirus spread from Wuhan to the Chinese city is divided into 2 parts, one of which is more aggressive behaviour.

This was revealed by a medical study in China, and the discovery indicates that the vaccine may be facing difficulties in preventing this new novel coronavirus.

Scientists at Peking University School of Life Sciences and the Institute of Pasteur of Shanghai say after analyzing the limited data, they have discovered 2 types of disease that can lead to infections.

They said that the virus went through evolutionary stages in the form of 2 parts L and S types.

This preliminary study revealed that the more aggressive type of virus was detected in 70% of cases in Wuhan, while the remaining 30% were infected with less aggressive type virus.

Scientists say the results reinforce the idea that urgent research needs to be done in this regard to review genome data, epidemiological data and chart records of patients' symptoms.

The results of the research were published in the Journal of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the National Science Review.

On the other hand, on Wednesday, the Chinese Medical License Association confirmed that the duration of the outbreak of corona virus is 5 to 7 days and maximum of 14 days.

This is by far the most detailed analysis of the duration of the symptoms associated with the virus being administered by a government-affiliated medical institution, and during this period, the virus can transmit from the affected person to the healthy.

China confirmed 119 new cases of corona virus on Tuesday, while the number was 125 on Monday, indicating that the epidemic in China is declining and that the number of new cases has been steadily declining since mid-February.

A total of 80,270 cases were reported in China, and by March 3, the death toll was 2981.

Although the number of Corona virus cases has increased in China outside of China, Chinese authorities are considering various measures to prevent it from spreading again in the future.

Authorities have advised Chinese citizens abroad not to return, while quarantine rules have been set for those returning from high-profile countries.

China is encouraging local companies to export protective clothing overseas to meet the virus caused by the outbreak.

Chinese authorities are also working to secure emergency medical facilities and protective equipment.


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