Corona virus-affected person can die in 18 days, research

Corona virus-affected person can die in 18 days, research

Posted on Mar 18, 2020

Corona virus-affected person can die in 18 days, research

Beijing: Chinese medical and research experts have revealed that the death of any person infected with the new Novel Coronavirus could be average 18 days.

Studies on a new type of Coronavirus were analyzed in China, in which samples and information were obtained from people affected by Corona in Wuhan's hospitals. According to experts, the new type of Corona is more dangerous.

The research revealed that the hospitals from which data were collected brought hundreds of people affected by Corona, out of which 137 recovered, while 54 died during treatment and the rest were under treatment.

According to experts, the average duration of discharge for those who are in good health is 22 days, while the average time taken for a patient who goes into the mouth of death is 18 days.

The report stated that the patients who recovered their fever had passed away within 12 days, however, they had difficulty in breathing, coughing and stinging, and their cough started to subside after 13 days.

The research report also states that the virus can be transmitted from a healthy patient to another person for up to 37 days. Professor Bin Kau said, "Those affected by the virus should be allowed to go home when their test report comes out negative."

The report said that thirty percent of people infected with the Corona virus were those who already had blood pressure or diabetes. The results of the research were published in the magazine” The Lancet”.



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