Corona virus: 780 suspected patients found in Dera Ghazi Khan

Corona virus: 780 suspected patients found in Dera Ghazi Khan

Posted on Mar 17, 2020

LAHORE: The number of corona virus-infected patients is likely to rise in Punjab province as 780 suspects were kept at Quarantina at Dera Ghazi Khan University and most of them showed signs of the corona.

After an uproar in Punjab, an official expressed his concerns during a conversation with Dawn.

He said that the suspected patients (including all visitors from Iran), including women, had actually entered Pakistan via Iran through the Tufan border and all had complaints of nausea, colds, and coughs.

The official said they were all shifted to Dera Ghazi Khan two days ago where they were provided with quarantine.

He said that a warning has been issued in Dera Ghazi Khan, while several health departments have been dispatched to restrict the movement of patients.

The Iranian authorities have kept all suspected virus-infected patients in one place, which is a clear violation of the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization and poses a risk of being infected with them, government officials revealed. Done.

He quoted some patients as saying that although the symptoms of the Coronavirus were very clear, they continued to shake hands during their stay in Iran, hugged each other and even exchanged their towels and kitchen items. ۔

He said that 780 suspected patients belong to different cities of Punjab, Health Department has sampled 50 of them and they have been sent to Islamabad National Institute of Health for analysis.

He cited doctors treating these patients, saying that most of these tests had a strong likelihood of coming up positive.

The official said that the health teams of the department would send samples of the samples to the National Institutes of Health in the form of batches and the disease testing process would be completed within 24 hours.


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