Corona poses a threat to EU failure, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte

Corona poses a threat to EU failure, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte

Posted on Apr 10, 2020

Italy's Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has said that the Coronavirus crisis and escalating deaths pose a threat to EU failure.

Conte said the EU needs proper and coordinated cooperation to help countries most affected by the virus.

Talking to the British Broadcasting Agency, he called the Coronavirus the biggest test since World War II and said the European Union would have to use all its resources to tackle this challenge.

The statement was issued at a time when Europe's most affected countries have demanded the launch of 'Corona Bond' in a debt-ridden country, which all European countries will help repay, but the Netherlands proposes, Which has been troubling the EU's finance ministers.

The ongoing 165-hour talks between the Union Foreign Ministers for the 500 billion euro aid package for Corona-affected countries were abolished.

The Italian Prime Minister said that we are facing a historic occasion that we must not overlook, that if we do not take advantage of this opportunity, the risk of union failure will become a reality.

He said that this is a big challenge for Europe's survival, if Europe fails to formulate appropriate monetary and monetary policy for the greatest challenge since World War II, it is not only Italian but all European citizens. 

It is thought that Italy has the highest number of deaths worldwide so far and 17,700 people have been killed by the virus so far and 100,000 have been infected.

However, the number of virus-infected patients in Italy is slowly declining and the rate has increased by one percent compared to the previous day, while cases of the last week were increasing by 7 percent on a daily basis.


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