Corona Lockdown: Make these delicious fritters at home

Corona Lockdown: Make these delicious fritters at home

It is probably not possible to have pakoras on the table during Iftar in Ramadan, and there are many people who prefer to eat pakoras at the bazaar instead of at home.

However, due to the lockdown due to the global epidemic Coronavirus, it will be very difficult to bring fritters from the market for Iftar.

Not only that, but there will be many people who are taking precautions and avoiding the food prepared in the market during this time.

In this case, here are some ideas for making new style fritters, with which you can make something new apart from the same potato and onion fritters.

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And during the lockdown, these fritters made by following these ideas will definitely be more delicious than the market.

Egg fritters

Boil the egg and fry it by adding it to the spices to make your pakodas. Do you know if your family likes these new style pakodas?

Cabbage fritters

If you are thinking that no one in the house will like cabbage fritters, then this is your misconception. Will

Halimi Paneer Fritters

It is not a bad idea to offer this style of cheese to the family by adding it to the spices of the dumplings.

Pumpkin fritters

Pumpkin pie will not impress anyone too much, but if you serve it hot, it will definitely be everyone's first choice.

Sugar candy fritters

Follow the same recipe for sugar dumplings that you use for potato dumplings, the only difference is that the children will definitely like the taste.



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