Corona case report in Myanmar and Timor, Laos and Mongolia still safe

Corona case report in Myanmar and Timor, Laos and Mongolia still safe

Posted on Mar 24, 2020

Myanmar, which has territorial borders with countries affected by the Coronavirus, such as China, Thailand, India, and Bangladesh, first confirmed the Coronavirus case.

Myanmar and China share a 2100 km long land border and the Coronavirus was started from Myanmar's neighboring country, China, but Myanmar claims they have no reported cases.

In the last 4 months, there has been no report of a Coronavirus case in Myanmar, but the international community was worried that the government was hiding facts, as other Myanmar neighbors Thailand, India, and Bangladesh also had Coronavirus cases in February. I was just beginning to come.

Myanmar's government claimed in early March that there was no case reported due to the food and lifestyle of the Myanmar people, but now Myanmar has confirmed the first case.


According to the broadcasting agency CNA, the government of Myanmar confirmed the first Coronavirus in the country on the night of March 23, when fear spread across the country and shops, businesses and shopping malls started to close immediately.

The government said that until March 23, 214 suspects were tested, of which only Corona was confirmed.

Due to the rapid spread of Corona in neighboring countries, the residents of Myanmar are returning to the country, however, the government claims that there has been no Corona case report.

The government was claiming that the Corona case was not reported in the country because of the country's unique lifestyle, people's good, and unique food style and religious beliefs.

The first case of Corona was confirmed by the Myanmar government when Indonesia's neighbor Malik Timor confirmed the first case on March 22.

Although the Corona case was reported in East Timor's neighboring country Indonesia even four weeks ago, the East Timor government claimed there were no case reports, but the government there on March 22 confirmed the first case.

While countries such as Myanmar and East Timor have already confirmed cases in the region, no case has been reported so far in countries such as Mongolia and Laos.


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