Converting to Islam Korean Singer Dawood Kim Arrives in Pakistan

Converting to Islam Korean Singer Dawood Kim Arrives in Pakistan

Posted on Apr 26, 2022

Former South Korean pop singer and YouTuber Dawood Kim, who converted to Islam, has arrived in Pakistan. Dawood Kim has been sharing content and blogs about Pakistan on his YouTube channel and last year during Ramadan he shared a video of Iftar with Pakistanis in South Korea, which was well received. Dawood Kim told Instagram Stories on April 25 that he arrived in Lahore, Pakistan from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

He shared several stories on Instagram, in which he also expressed his love for Pakistan and told fans to wait. On the occasion of his arrival in Pakistan, he also shared videos of the streets and markets of Lahore city and also mentioned the delicious food of Pakistan in a story.

After Dawood Kim's stories of coming to Pakistan were shared, his videos and photos went viral and Pakistani fans expressed their happiness. Dawood Kim is coming to Pakistan at a time when he had recently arrived in Makkah and Madinah to perform his first Umrah.

He had received the blessings of Umrah in early April this year. He had arrived in Saudi Arabia in the first week of April. Photos and videos of Dawood Kim's Umrah also went viral and people expressed good wishes for him. Dawood Kim's real name was JK Kim and he was known as a pop singer until 2019, after which he left the religion of his ancestors and converted to Islam.

Dawood Kim converted to Islam in September 2019 and also released a video of his entry into the realm of Islam on YouTube. After entering the realm of Islam, Dawood Kim was seen touring several Islamic countries, including visiting mosques, while also sharing videos on Islam and Muslim issues on YouTube.

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After converting to Islam, Dawood Kim quit singing and started working as a YouTuber.



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