Considering the consequences of not visiting Pakistan

Considering the consequences of not visiting Pakistan

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) President Nazimul Hassan has announced his decision on the team's visit to Pakistan on Thursday, saying that we are considering the consequences of not visiting.

According to the report of cricket website CricInfo, BCB President Nazimul Hassan talked to the participants at a keyboard meeting in Dhaka to play a Test series during a visit to Pakistan.

Nazim ul Hassan said, "If we have too little time in our hands, we have to make a decision on Thursday".

"We have to consider the consequences of not visiting, and we talked to everyone about it. We are not bothered by the bilateral series of T20 but we are clear about the World Test Championship," he said. Are not'.

"We said we want to play T20 but they want to play Tests, we will play T20 before the World Twenty20, it was the PCB suggestion but we have so far," said the BCB president. Did not decide, however, on Thursday.

Referring to the series, he said, "If you look at it, it takes more time for one Test than playing three T20s, we will play the test the next day after we get there."

"We have never said that we will not play in Pakistan but we are worried about the time of visit because everyone is worried about staying longer and it will take 7 or 8 days to play the T20 series," he said. ۔

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Nazim ul Hassan said that Mushfiqur Rahim never expressed interest in going to Pakistan and other players want a short visit.

According to the report, Mushfiqur Rahim will likely not visit while many other players want to stay for a short time while 23 Bangladeshi players have registered in Pakistan Super League (PSL) while they know that the whole tournament. Will be played in Pakistan.

Referring to the players' interest in visiting Pakistan, Nazimul Hassan said, "We have informed PCB in this regard but he replied that our players have played PSL for 35 days in different cities of Pakistan. Agreed, then why are they not ready to play with the national team in such a short time ”.

"Most members of our team's coaching staff are not ready to leave, our head coach said they would go to the Twenty20 and all the players want a short visit," he said.

It is to be noted that the tour of Bangladesh cricket team is scheduled at the end of this month in which 3 T20s and 2 Tests are to be played but the Test series was suggested by the BCB to be postponed.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) rejected the Bangladesh Cricket Board's proposal and demanded the concrete reasons while pointing to the matter being taken to the ICC.


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