Concerns of mango growers in Sindh due to corona virus epidemic and lockdown

Concerns of mango growers in Sindh due to corona virus epidemic and lockdown

Posted on Jun 3, 2020

Mango is called the king of fruits. Nowadays, both the king and his Pakistani people are in danger. The people of Pakistan are in grave danger of the coronavirus, while the king's safety is in jeopardy due to the security measures taken to prevent the virus.

Mango orchards in Pakistan are located in Sindh and Punjab provinces and as soon as December gets cold, flowers start blooming on these mangoes from the first month of the new year i.e. January and later they take the form of mangoes. Mango season also brings employment opportunities. In the month of May, a fair-like season is held in these gardens. In Sindh, since the mango crop is ready first, mangoes are unloaded here first. For this, skilled laborers from South Punjab turn to Sindh every year in this season.

Due to the nationwide lockdown in April and the unavailability of public transport to curb the spread of the coronavirus, a small number of laborers from South Punjab have been able to reach the orchards this time. The importance of these laborers is also due to the fact that they know the value of mango very well. As soon as the king of fruits arrives in their hands, they estimate and classify accordingly.

mangos in Pakistan

How to keep the king safe in the belt so that his delicate body is not hurt and the lid is closed? It's not just for everyone. These workers specialize in this work. In the gardens, on one side, wooden belts are made, on the other side, mangoes are filled in them according to the classification and one person closes them with a lid. The mangoes are then transported to the market. He earns Rs 15,000 per worker in this month and a half while the contractor provides two meals a day and tea.

In some cities of Sindh and Punjab, mango trees are also found in houses and amusement parks. Sometimes they are hit with stones to get the mangoes hanging like a jhumra or sometimes a person climbs on a tree and breaks a few seeds but it is not so easy to remove all the mangoes.

According to the Sindh Abadgar Board, mango production in Pakistan is more than 1.5 million tonnes, which is more than the local demand, so it is exported abroad. The journey is by ship, airplane, and road. The bad news for mango growers abroad is that they will not be able to get close to mangoes this year due to the global lockdown.

Aslam Murree, leader of Sindh Abadgar Board, said that due to Coronavirus, import and export are banned all over the world. A lot of mangoes are exported from Pakistan to Iran and Afghanistan but both the borders are closed for trade. There are big importers and there is a ban these days too.

Mango in Pakistan

In Pakistan, too, due to the lack of transport and the market being open at certain times, the mango has difficulty in reaching its benefactors, but from Karachi to the Chinese border, it will reach even in these conditions because it has a sense of sweetness is given as a gift.

Some build their relationships on the basis of mango belts, so both the mango and its giver are remembered for the nine months of the year.


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