Comic Actor Kamal Ahmed Rizvi's fourth Anniversary today

Comic Actor Kamal Ahmed Rizvi's fourth Anniversary today

Comic actor Kamal Ahmed Rizvi is celebrating his fourth anniversary today.

Renowned actor Kamal Ahmad Rizvi was born in India in 1930. Kamal Ahmed wrote many memorable plays, including acting, while directing, he also produced his own iron and made children's literature and translated it.

He also went to the film industry but did not live there. The famous drama series 'Al Nun' on TV gave rise to the fame of Kamal Ahmed Rizvi. Among the theaters and TV dramas that he showed his art in, Mr. Devil, half talk, blockbuster, the end of the kingdom, Julius Caesar, the lost man, the traveler of dreams, sir, Bibi Ghulam. "We are all crazy and sincerely include you. Kamal Ahmed also wrote children's literature.

He and actor Nina had a special relationship on the TV screen both considered being oppressive to each other. When it was time for the play, the rule of the Senate was seen on the streets. 85-year-old Kamal Ahmad Rizvi, despite his ulterior motives, was well-versed in the arts but often made his sudden appearance in literary concerts.

Kamal Ahmad Rizvi also edited several famous digesters, making the gamers glamorous with his specific sentences despite his illness and longevity. He was suffering from diabetes. During the treatment he suffered from a heart attack on December 17, 2015, his death closed a chapter of literature and humor.


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